Ladies Catwalk Print & Colour Analysis

Ladies Catwalk Print & Colours

SS14 Ladies Catwalk Print & Colour Analysis

Catwalk analysis is a vital part of a fashion designers job. During fashion week one can spend many, many hours pouring over as many collections as possible to ensure you get an overall feel for what some of the best designers are telling us for the season ahead.

As a freelance designer it is very important to collate this information and feed it back to the many buyers and head of departments I work with as this is a strong selling tool when needing you re-confirm your own range so they have the confidence in moving forward with your ideas.

Its also a very exciting time of the year that we all look forward to, as we sit hunched over our MacBook’s with a steady supply of caffeine, its one of the best times to be in a design office where you can share you excitement with like-minded people.

It is also great to keep on top of the catwalk trends and try and do all your research as soon as the shows come out especially when working freelance as during the course of the year you will need to go back and dip into this research once new jobs come in, its also important to have this knowledge say when looking for new jobs and you are in an interview situation, knowledge really is power, we really must stay ahead of the game.

As a freelance designer I love this time of year pulling these colour and print overviews together into a readable format ready to present to my buyers and teams and so from this we can look at new colour palettes, graphics, new fabric developments and of course new shapes.

Its also fun experimenting with new layout ideas when pulling together this research to keep your work looking fresh and exciting for the customer to read and work from.

Department: Ladieswear